Message from the President

It is an honor for the entire coffee exporting industry in Brazil to be able to once again promote the biannual Coffee Dinner & Coffee Summit event. In its eighth edition, the event takes place at a relevant moment, when our organization, CECAFÉ – Brazilian Coffee Exporters Council, turns 20 years.

The coffee history in Brazil and the entire export sector is bigger. Coffee was the main export product of the Brazilian economy during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and today, in the 21st century, it keeps playing the main role in the global coffee chain, having been marked by the consolidation of efficiency and organization in all segments of the productive chain .

Over the last 20 years, all of Cecafé's work has been focused on supporting the construction and solidification of the Brazilian coffee image in the world, placing the country in a position of absolute leadership and with the real possibility of reaching a global participation of 40% consumption and exports of the entire market.

The event is based on one of the main pillars of Cecafé: to promote the Brazilian coffee by its quality and sustainable production that meets the most diverse and demanding markets. In the last 5 years Brazil exported, on average, to 130 countries of the globe.

On these two days we will have the presence of authorities, the main players in the sector, contributing to the relevance of the meeting, with the exchange of experiences and the possibility of new business, as well as the opportunity to discuss current and relevant issues that affect agribusiness coffee.

In recognition of the efforts undertaken by individuals and entities that have stood out in the development and strengthening of Brazilian coffee, we will confer prizes during the celebration.

We invite everyone to participate in this important and traditional Brazilian coffee event!


Nelson Ferreira da Silva Carvalhaes

Message from the CEO

In 2019 Cecafé completes 20 years of history, with many achievements to celebrate and challenges to overcome.

In this context, the Brazilian coffee exporting sector is pleased to promote the 8th Coffee Dinner & Coffee Summit, at a time when the Country is recovering and growing its Market Share in the global coffee market.

With its record production of 61.7 million bags in the 2018/19 crop year, it is estimated that the country achieves its best historical performance for the harvest period, with the projection of 40.0 million bags exported from coffees produced with sustainability and quality, allowing to meet the most diverse and demanding markets worldwide buyers.

Sustainability and quality are in the DNA of Brazilian coffee! With the technological advances and agronomic research, in addition to the efforts of the producers, the coffee regions of Brazil, on average, have the percentage of area dedicated to the preservation of the native vegetation above the demanded by the Forest Code.

Social, scientific and technological investments and good agricultural practices in the field, added to the logistic efficiency of export trade, have led the country to the absolute leadership position in the world, and such variables will help Brazilian coffee growers to overcome the current scenario of low prices, which negatively impact all segments.

It is important to note that for more than two decades export trade has made significant contributions to the digital inclusion of coffee communities, with the creation of 137 digital laboratories. Added to this are investments in the technical training of 6,000 small producers, through the Informed Producer program, aiming at good agricultural practices and guidelines on quality, productivity and property management.

There is still a lot to do and other issues are still on the agenda, such as the correct and safe use of agrochemicals, monitoring of maximum residue limits, a constructive and positive agenda for decent work and the promotion of Brazilian coffee in the world. These lines of action are in harmony with the Code of Ethics and Conduct of Coffee Exporters of Brazil.

These initiatives demonstrate the commitment of the export sector to the expansion of the sustainability and quality of the Brazilian coffee, being responsible for the disposal of more than 65% of the national harvest. However, we still have many challenges to overcome, and we believe that through public and private partnerships with exporting companies, importers, universities, roasters and, above all, producers, we can guarantee our leadership and success in the global coffee market.

It is in this environment of transparency, efficiency and resilience that the entire Cecafé team is working with enthusiasm and determination to promote the most important event in the industry.

The discussion forum will cover relevant topics such as the global coffee market and the tools to optimize marketing and risk mitigation, consumption trends in traditional and emerging markets, competitiveness and sustainability in Brazil, aiming to generate future expectations and expand the consolidation of absolute leadership of the country as the biggest coffee producer and exporter. We will also have the opportunity to honor the highlights of coffee in recognition of the efforts made to develop and strengthen Brazilian coffee agribusiness. We invite everyone to participate in this important moment with us!


Marcos Antonio Matos

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Coffee Dinner
Sala São Paulo
Praça Júlio Prestes, 16 - Campos Elíseos, São Paulo - SP, 01218-020

Coffee Summit
Hotel Renaissance
Alameda Santos, 2233
Cerqueira César

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