June 8th-9th, 2017

Sala SP and Hotel Tivoli

We are honored to once again host the Coffee Dinner & Coffee Summit event. The 7th Edition will take place in an interesting and relevant time, in which we are betting on the recovery of the Brazilian economic scenario and, consequently, more positive results for the agribusiness sector.

The event is based on one of the CECAFÉ´s main pillars, such as the promotion of the coffee sector, as a sustainable and quality product, showing its strength and representativeness for the agribusiness. Furthermore, it's important to emphasize Brazil's absolute leadership in the global coffee agribusiness, which reflects the country's efficiency and allows us to have a glimpse into a very favorable scenario.

In these two days, we will have the presence of the sector´s main players, adding to the relevance of the meeting, exchanging experiences and also the possibility of new business, as well as the opportunity to discuss the relevant issue of the agribusiness.

Nelson Carvalhaes
Board President

It is a pleasure to be leading the organization of the 7th Coffee Dinner & Coffee Summit, whose theme this year is "Brazil: Your Partner in the Global Coffee Agribusiness!".

We are working with great enthusiasm and are keen to create a forum for relevant discussions around the world´s trade of coffee, such as the Brazilian macroeconomic scenario, the challenges in the global supply, Brazil´s competitiveness and sustainability, as well as demonstrating the new trade flow, aiming to generate future expectations and expand on the view of absolute leadership of the country as the largest coffee producer.

We will also have the opportunity to honors the highlights of the Brazilian coffee´s sector in recognition of the efforts undertaken to the development and strengthening of the Brazilian Coffee Chain. We are pleased to invite everyone to participate on this important and traditional coffee event!

Marcos Matos
Chief Executive 

Important Dates

  • 24|MAY
    Opening of Registrations
  • 08|JUN
    Coffee Dinner
  • 09|JUN
    Coffee Summit